Baseball Camp

 Coach Cole's   

Baseball Camp

For Boys & Girls Ages 6 - 16

The Coach Cole Baseball Camp is designed to teach students skills, fundamentals and knowledge of the game of baseball.  Individual and team drills will be incorporated in daily activities as well as game competition.  We will emphasize a positive learning environment in which each camper can improve his or her skills.  The camp is sponsored by the New Market Rebel Baseball, Inc.

           2016 Camp Details:

#1 Basic Fundamentals…$75.00

June 20--24, 2016  9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

#2 Pitcher/Catcher….$50.00

June 27 & 28, 2016      9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon


#3 Advanced Hitting….$50.00

  June 29 & 30, 2016   9:00am-12:00 noon

 Package Options:

Option A: Camp #1 and Camp #3  $110.00

Option B: Camp #1 and Camp #2  $110.00

Option C: All 3 Camps  $150.00

Option D: Camp #2 and Camp #3 $90.00


* Daily individual instruction lectures and  demonstrations

*  Quality Coaching

* Camp T-Shirt

* Camp Recognition Night

CAMP NIGHT AT REBEL PARK: July 9, 2016--all campers admitted free of charge

The camp registration form is located at the bottom of this page. Copy and paste the form into a Word Document.

Individual and private lessons are available throughout the summer. Please contact the Rebels organization by e-mail for more information.

Parents, on behalf of their children, accept the risk of injury while attending this camp.

Camp Directors:  Head Coach Zac Cole

                                Assistant Coaches

                                    Danny Kelley

                                    Joe Lepore




Name _________________________________

Address ________________________________________

City __________________ State _______ Zip _______

Parent/Guardian ______________________

Work # _______________________________

Home # _______________________________

Age: _____ School: _____________________ Team: _____________

Emergency Contact _____________________________

Phone Number: ____________________

_______ My child has insurance coverage which will be available in case of injury during the camp.

Doctor Name: ___________________

Primary Position: ______________________

Secondary Position: ____________________

Bat:   L   R

Throw:   L   R

Shirt Size: ________Adult________Child

Camp or camp combination option attending (please circle):

Camp:    1    2     3

Option:   A    B    C    D

Please mail application and payment to:
New Market Rebel Baseball
P.O. Box 902
New Market, Va. 22844

(Payment can also be made at the Rebel Yell souvenir store during home games)