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The New Market Rebels are part of the Valley Baseball Summer Collegiate Wood Bat Baseball League.  Summer collegiate leagues throughout the United States give college baseball players the opportunity to continue playing during the summer and show their skills to professional Baseball Scouts who visit summer collegiate leagues regularly.

Who is a New Market Rebel?

Rebel Baseball Players are college baseball players recruited from colleges and universities around our nation whose ambitions are to play in Minor and Major League professional baseball leagues in the future.  Many college baseball players are recruited to professional leagues during the summer collegiate baseball season. 

Players’ academic pursuits vary from business management, finance, mathematics, social studies, psychology, sports physical therapy, law, law enforcement, accounting, information sciences to computer system’s management.


Why Host a New Market Rebel Player?


2.  Summer collegiate baseball players do not have the financing that professional baseball players have to stay in hotels.  It is difficult to work during the summer when a player is committed to a summer collegiate baseball league program schedule especially in an area that is not their hometown.  All Valley Baseball League teams play 6 games a week with one day off, which is often used for rain date makeup games.

3.  A number of summer collegiate New Market Rebels have been professionally recruited to Minor league teams.  It’s fun to watch the progress and growth of a Minor league player you hosted in your home and grew to know and admire.  We call it “boasting rights.”  The 2011 New Market Rebel 1ST Baseman, JOHN SGROMOLO, was recruited by the Minor League affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

4.  Your children and/or grandchildren will enjoy camaraderie with players.

5.  You will make new friends with other baseball enthusiasts and see some current friends at the games as well.

6.  You will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on a young person who is just starting out in life.

7.  Many players you have hosted continue to keep in touch for years.


What Do You Do To Host A New Market Rebel?

Players need only a bed (not necessarily a bedroom) in your home or basement, access to a bathroom with bathing/shower facilities and access to laundry facilities (they wash their own clothing and linens).  Although providing food to the players is not required, we ask our Host Families to provide part of the food for players.  When away from your home, players pay for their own food.  When home, many players prefer frozen/packaged food they can pop into the microwave; however, this is your discretion.  Access to television hook up and computer hook up is a convenience but certainly not required.

If you will be out of town for a weekend or several weeks during June and July, our Host Family Coordinator will remove your player from your home and resettle him while you are away.


How Long is the Season?

1.  Players arrive at Rebel Park (near the New Market Community Center on Dixie Lane) the last weekend in May.  We ask one member of the Host Family to meet their player at Rebel Park that day. 

2.  Players begin practice the first week of June.  There first official game is the first Friday in June with the season ending the last week of July.  If the New Market Rebels proceed to the Valley Baseball League playoff series, the season could extend beyond the first week in August.

3.  Six games a week are played with Mondays off.  There are 22 home and 22 away games.  You are not required to attend games; however, the players look forward to their Host Families cheering them on.


The Adopt A Rebel program is one of the most important aspects of the New Market Rebel Organization. It is, in fact, the foundation of our program. Good guest-host relationships are a top priority in our year-to-year operation. If our goals are met, lifelong relationships will be established which would serve as lasting mementos for the player and the host family.

If you wish to learn more about Adopting A Rebel for the upcoming season, our Host Family Coordinator, Joanne T. Burns, will be happy to answer any questions regarding hosting a Rebel. Check out our website at

It will be a pleasure to have you join the New Market Rebel baseball family!

Joanne Burns – Host Family Housing Coordinator
(H) 540-477-4177
(C) 703-850-8490

Bruce Alger -- President, General Manager
(H) 540-740-4247  (C) 540-435-8453

Please add your name to the exclusive Adopt a Rebel Club and make your summer one to remember for years to come!

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